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Success Stories and Inspirational Words at Adich Clinic

"After carrying my seven year old son on my shoulders, I experienced great pain in my neck and upper back. I was in so much pain I could not turn my head to the right and look up. I saw Dr. Adich the next day, and described my pain level as a nine. After icing the injury and treatment the pain continued to decrease. The next day it had gone to a pain level of 4. After another treatment and a day in between, my pain is minimal and I again have a full range of motion with my neck."~D.R. Chiropractic Care | Adich Clinic | Bellingham
"I came in with severe neck pain and minor lower back problems. I knew the lower back problem could be resolved by a couple of adjustments. I did not think that it would ease my neck pain. For months I was running around with my head always slightly tilted as it felt so sore. Today, I came in and Dr. Adich made two adjustments and wow- I am cured! I can move my head and neck with almost no pain! What a relief. Thanks!"~H.L.
"I started coming to The Adich Clinic to try and get some relief from "phantom" pain. I was told that I had to go through five sessions to insure it'll work and I'd get relief. After my second session, I did not feel the constant pain for a longer relief. Although I will never be pain free, the number of days that I go with some relief has definitely improved. Dr. Dave is awesome with ideas that he has for your overall care, and he takes the time to listen to your medical concerns as well as any other issues you may have. The staff is friendly and works well with any issues you may have. I look forward to my acupuncture sessions even though he pokes me and hurts me at times….Sure is a small price to pay for the relief and care given by The Adich Clinic." ~R.R.
"By the time I saw Dr. Adich, I had suffered a pounding migraine off and on for over three months. After one adjustment, my headache faded. It's amazing how much a headache affects your outlook on life and interferes with daily living, making everything look bleaker and causing even minor exercise to be a chore. Getting adjusted helps keep my spirit up as well as my energy, making every day more positive."~C.S.
"The pain in my neck and shoulders was steadily getting worse. I hurt to lie on my arm in bed, even putting my arm in my sleeve. I also noticed I had lost range of motion in my left shoulder and couldn't do the weights and exercises I used to. The funny thing is I didn't really remember injuring anything. The ibuprofen and constant application of ice and heat didn't seem to improve anything. Finally, fed up with the chronic pain, I went to Dr. Adich on a friend's recommendation. As this was my first visit to a chiropractor, I was very skeptical and a little scared. After several adjustments by Dr. Adich and deep massages by Ty, I can honestly say I have my life back again. I still continue the stretches instructed by Ty, but I know where to come now for a tune up!"~E.W.
"I came in on Wednesday with a horrible migraine headache and tight muscles in my upper back and neck area. Today (Friday) I came in for my second chiropractic adjustment and I am headache and pain free. Thanks. "~S.N.
"I came to Dr. Adich when I threw my back out of whack simply walking down the aisle in a grocery store. My daughter, who has been a patient, suggested I see him. I have been completely satisfied with the treatments. The doctor and the entire staff are wonderfully kind and understanding. By my fourth visit the pain was nearly gone. I would recommend them and their style of treatment to anyone."~C.H.
"When I came to The Adich Clinic, I was in pain. Four months ago I couldn't imagine feeling as good as I do now. I was a victim of a bad driver, unfortunately. After massage and chiropractic, I can now walk, drive and enjoy life as I used to. Dr. Dave also got rid of my headaches, with acupuncture. I feel restored, and it's all thanks to the wonderful team at The Adich Clinic. To anyone in pain, I recommend Dr. Dave and Susan and their team of healers. Thanks guys!"~M.S.
"I was a bit skeptical coming to my appointment with Dr. Adich. I've never been to a chiropractor before. After one visit, the relief I felt was amazing, a definite improvement in the discomfort I was feeling!" ~A.M.
"On an afternoon I was making a left turn when I was hit by a truck. For months I suffered with pain. Finally my doctor sent me to massage therapy and suggested chiropractic, too. So, I came here to The Adich Clinic and was surprised when in a few weeks I was feeling dramatically better. Now I've been coming in for about two and a half months and I am in very little pain. That is to say, I can actually do the things I want to do without any or very mild pain. I suggest chiropractic with massage therapy for anyone suffering from an auto accident or even with back pain."~ J.J.


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